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Meet Terrance McMahon
Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Coach, and Acclaimed Recovery Program Founder, Terrance McMahon is the living, breathing embodiment of the phrase “Comeback Kid.”
He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and hundreds of other media outlets.
He had that rock star life, plenty of money, a high-profile career, personal chauffeur, big house, expensive cars… all of it.
Terry bought the ticket, sat in the front row to “Having-It-All” and got the T- shirt… although having “IT ALL” isn’t always exactly what it seems.
He needed a liver transplant, or he would die—there was no in between.
At the last minute possible, following a series of unbelievable twists and turns, Terry’s life was saved.
Since his recovery, he has been on a constant road to RE-Creation and transformation of mind, body and spirit.
Now, he is ready to share his story and method with others who are struggling.
Throughout his personal journey, Terry developed the RFactor4™ 
Transformation Program, an innovative new approach to inspire people to overcome unhealthy connections and RE-Create their own lives.
He is now on a mission to help others battling to find their best self.
Terry is not only changing the game, he has invented a completely new sport.
He is an inspiration and will motivate you to become your best Superhero Self.
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